Extremist Favoritism in Indonesian Court

Burning_houses_in_IndonesiaSurabaya District Court acquitted the suspect of the largest attack to Shia Muslims community. The court acquitted Rois Al-Hukama on Tuesday, April 16th. Roise is one of the main suspects of the attack to Shia community on August 26th, 2012 that burned down 30 homes. Tens of Shia Muslims were displaced due to the burn down. The government authorities asked the Shia to convert to Sunni so they can go back to their residents. The Indonesian government took very minor steps toward investigating the crime. Out of 500 Anti- Shia people who were involved in the attack only few were arrested and the court found irrational reasons to acquit them. Sources revealed that the attack was carried on under Roise’s order; however the Surabaya District Court concluded they did not have enough evidence to persecute Roise and released him.

Shia Rights Watch contacted the Indonesian embassy in US and asked them to investigate the crime. The embassy did not respond to the organization’s request. SRW believes Indonesian authorities are supporting human rights violations toward Shia Muslims in this country and it is a crime itself. The government must care for the rights of its entire citizen and has responsibility to protect all, regardless of their faith. Once again, SRW asks the Indonesian government to investigate the situation and deliver justice instead of spreading discrimination and hatred.

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