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Immediate Call to Saudi Arabia to Stop Nasser al-Omar

ommShia rights Watch expresses its strongest disapproval of the freedom of “clerics” who use their power to call for hatred and murder. Wahhabi clerics have continuously called for killing Shia Muslims and their governments have been supporting them. There are many Shia Mulsims who have lost their lives because of the motivational talks of clerics.

According to AlKhabarPress.com another Saudi cleric named Nasser al-Omar announced a fatwa against Shia Muslims when he was asked about his solution to save Islamic nation [from Shia] since Shi’ism is more danger than Christianity and Jewish.

He said Shia have only two options, they can convert to “Islam” or be killed if they decided to keep their believes.

AlKhabarPress.com stated Al-Omar motivated its reader to:

First slaughter all their men. “Slaughter Shia until there are rivers of their blood”.

Second inmate their females. If virgin let the BEST “Mujahedeen” enjoy them [sexually]. If not virgin but beautiful reserve for the rest of the “mujahedeen” and the rest of the females can be given to the rest of the men [who are not considered “Mujahedeen”.

Last group are Shia children. Capture them and teach them “true” Islam and train them to be soldiers so we can use them in wars.

Nasser al-Omar concluded by suggesting burning all Shia publications and demolition of all their mosques and centers.

SRW believes such human right violators must be punished for the violence and hatred that they spread in the society. This organization calls on Saudi Arabia kingdom to immediately stop Nasser al-Omar and others who call for violence. No human rights violator should feel safe to publicize its violations, says SRW.


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