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Increased Threat in Muharam

karballaFour cars exploded in Karbala, Iraq on October 20th claimed 20 lives and injured 40 Shia Muslims.

Bab Baghdad, Towairage and Hay al Hussain are areas in which the explosions took place.

Security threat and unrest increases as Shia Muslims prepare for the month of Moharam.

Shia targeted killings and violations spikes every year in the first month of lunar calendar, as Shia Muslims participate in Muharram campaign. Muharram campaign is the very first universal campaign against violence and discrimination that was initiated by Shia Muslims after the tragedy of Karbala in the month of Muharram of 680 CE. In 2013 may Shia Muslims lost their lives in explosions and many were arrested in different countries as their anti-Shia governments attacked their rituals.

Millions of Shia travel to Iraq in the month of Muharam.


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