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Iranian Government Arrested Seyed Hussian Fali

faliIranian government arrested one of the influential clerics yesterday, March 9th. Seyed Hussein Fali was arrested at the Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport while heading to Kuwait as he usually does.

At the airport he was informed that he cannot exit the country then and was taken to detention while handcuffed. There is not update on his statues as of yesterday or the reason of his arrest. His children and family are prevented from visiting him.

Seyed Fali is one of the well-known peaceful clerics in both Iran and Kuwait. His arrest violates his rights to freedom of movement, and must be explained by the government, says SRW.

Arbitrary arrest of Shia Muslim clerics in Iran has been a concern to many human rights organizations. The government has continuously pressured influential clerics and violated their rights to freedom of expression, movement, and religion.

SRW is following up with the US Department of States to investigate the case. This organization condemns the Iranian government’s illegal pressure on Shia clerics and demands immediate release of the Seyed Fali.


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