Our Rights, Our Freedoms, Always: Human Rights Day 2015

New York, NY- Shia Rights Watch commemorated Human Rights Day at the United Nations at a briefing entitled “Our Rights. Our Freedoms. Always”. This annual event commemorates the important strides made by the international community to recognize the human rights we have today while also recognizing the work that must be done to ensure the full realization of our human rights. The four freedoms emphasized at this event are the freedom of expression, the freedom from fear, the freedom from want, and the freedom of worship. These freedoms are the underpinning of the work that we at Shia Rights Watch conduct on a daily basis.

Richard Benett, the Director of Amnesty International stated that two pillars of his organization’s mission is that no government is beyond scrutiny and that no situation is beyond hope. In an environment where political favor and continued oppression have largely rendered human rights violations against Shia Muslims invisible. Despite the endless barrage of targeted shootings and bombings against Shia Muslims, news about this rarely reaches the eyes of the international community. Despite these high barriers, we have remained resilient and have continued to push for greater recognition for the rights of Shia Muslims globally. Daniel Perell, the UN Representative of International community stated that the new frontier of the freedom to worship is linking religious pluralism with peaceful societies. Studies have shown that studies with respect for religious pluralism tend to be more peaceful and prosperous than societies where religious freedom is not respected. Going forth, it is necessary that both states and individuals learn that benefits of respecting the freedom of all people to practice their faith.

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