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Peacekeeper and Violator Make a Deal to Kill ?!

Saudi Arabia Spending Millions of $ Buying Cluster Bombs.

The world is full of surprises and some are scary, very scary. Three days ago Foreign Policy Magazine published one of the most terrifying deals. According to the Magazine Saudi Arabia is spending $640 million buying US made cluster bombs!!!!

Saudi Arabia has always been identifies as THE most human rights violators by ALL human rights organizations. On the other end US is a country with most human rights organizations and is known for its peaceful values and missions. SO….. it is unexpected and unaccepted to see the most peaceful sells weapons to the worse violator!!!!!

In a time when half of the 193 countries of the world are involved in some sort of arm conflict, this act of US is not the wisest one. It is interesting to know that cluster bombs are banned by 83 out of total 193 countries of the world.

Saudi Arabia is known for founding terrors groups around the globe, most well-known terrorists are either Saudi or trained in Saudi, all minorities and visitors are discriminated against in the Saudi and YET we sell weapons, and not just any weapon, cluster weapons to such a country?

SRW urges our government to stop selling weapons that WILL for sure be used to kill people to Saudi Arabia. This organization also demands Saudi to stop founding and arming terrorist.

By Hawraa, A Human Rights Advocate …..on August 27, 2013

Combination of Violences

Combination of car bomb, roadside bomb and shooting killed at least 47 people on August 25th.

Terrorists, especially anti-Shia groups, have gained significant power in Iraq during last two years. Although many of the bombings stay unclaimed, it is not unrealistic to blame anti-Shia terrorist groups for the death of thousands of Shia Muslims who have lost their lives in targeted attacks.

Iraqi government was asked to increase security and protect civilians, yet no action was taken.

New Waves of Oppressions in Bahrain

Although media outlets ignore the human right violations in Bahrain the battle for freedom and justice continues in this country. Bahrainis Shia Muslim majority protest peacefully and demand their right and the government targets their gatherings and protest by teargas, arrests the protestors and activists.

Recently the acting president of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) and co-director of the Gulf Center for Human Rights (GCHR) Maryam al-Khawaja was banned from boarding British airways flight to Bahrain.

Also the health condition of activist Zainab Al Khawaja has been a concern since she is incarcerated with ill prisoners, as her family reported. In their last visit, her family, found her weak and unhealthy. The government incarcerates influential activist with criminals and ill prisoners as a type of torture.

Security forces s surrounded some villages with barbed wire and cement blocks as of August 13th in order to control and limit all movements. The residents of those areas are forced to cross police checkpoints every time they enter or exit the villages. Human rights activist are concerned that such check points increase the probability of arrests of the peaceful protestors.

The government has also increased the presence of security forces at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, the only full-service public hospital in Bahrain.

Hundreds of Shia Muslims have been arrested, tortured, investigated and even killed since the Arab Spring yet lost human right organizations and media outlet do not advocate for the basic right of Shia Muslims in Bahrain.

SRW invites all human right advocates and defenders to help give voice to the voiceless peaceful protestors of Bahrain.

Eight Explosions in Iraq

Eight car bombs exploded today in Shia populated areas of the Baghdad, Iraq. So far 25 are killed and more than 70 are wounded. The death toll is increasing since many of the injured are in critical condition.

Death toll and violence in Iraq is increasing and no terrorist group has claimed the responsibility yet. Number of death in Iraq is far more than any neighboring country that is in war, such as Egypt and Syria.

SRW condemns attacks to civilians and believes showing opposition to government by killing civilians is unfair and inhumane.

SRW Recommendation for Saudi King on the 8th of Shawwal

baqiWednesday August 14th is the 8th of Shawwal based on Islamic calendar. 8the of Shawwal is anniversary of the demolition of the al-Baqi’s shrine and cemetery by King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia in 1925.
88 years ago one of the most important Shia historical sites called al-Baqi was destroyed by the order of King Ibn Saud. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia publicized its anti- Shi’ism belief by demolition of this historical site. Al-Baqi is the grave site of many of Prophet Muhammad’s relatives, such as his wife, grandfather, and close family friends. The cemetery therefore holds much significance of historic and religious context. Among those buried in the al-Baqi shrine are four grandsons of Prophet Muhammad, who are also four Imams of the Shia Muslim.
SRW believes demolition of such historical and important site is not just violation to rights of Shia Muslims but also a mean to cleansing the history of Islam and Shia Muslims’ rich history.
Every year Shia Muslims around the world gather in front of Saudi embassies and demand rebuild of al-Baqi shrine.
SRW believes Saudi Arabia’s kingdom must rebuild the shrine immediately. The kingdom has repeatedly claimed aim to reform in the country yet has not taken any action. Rebuilding the shrine of al-Baqi can be sign of the kingdoms serious aim to bring equality and reform to this country.
SRW invites Saudi King to take advantage if this day and rebuild al-Baqi historical site and prove its intention to respect human rights.
This organization also urges departments of historic resources around the world to pressure Saudi government to secure and protect historical resorts as they belong to all humanity.

More Violence in Iraq than in Syria

SRW-Defending_Justice_and_RightsSRW is concerned about the Shia targeted killings in Iraq. This organization has repeatedly reported Shia Muslim targeted killings. Iraq, a Shia populated country, is under increasing attacks and the security forces fail to protect the citizens and visitors. It is reported that many terrorist groups and organizations use the urban areas and mountains as a hiding shelter yet the government has not been able to clean the area. It is unfortunate to see the government is ignores and closing its eyes on the terrorist activities that are taking place in Iraq.

There are far more Shia Muslims killed in Iraq than combined civilians and rebels in Syria. Thousands of civilians including children and women have been killed in recent attacks. Increasing violence has forced many civilians to flee from their homes and close their businesses. Demolition and attacks to mosques, Islamic cenetrs and schools caused many to lose access to education, charity, sense of community and support groups.Iraqis lived in financial and educational poverty during Sadam leadership and now they are experiencing even more violent under their democratic government. SRW believes the Iraqi government and influential leaders must take action to clean the country from terrorist groups and bring stability and security back to the country. It is time for Iraqis to gain access to education, rebuild their country and live in peace.

Ongoing violence must be stopped immediately and the government is asked to put more effort in protecting Iraqis.

Egyptian Public, Clerics and Government are Responsible for Harms that Shia Face

Once again Shia Muslim leader and influential figure is threatened in Egypt. Ismael Shahateh, brother of Hasan Shahateh was threatened by hundreds of people who raided his home last week in Harbit village. He was asked to live his home and neighborhood.

Ismael is the brother of Hasan Shahate who was killed at a mom attack to his home late June, 2013. As many as 3000 people attacked his home and killed him and two other Shia Muslims and dragged his dead body in streets. Egyptian forces witnessed the mob but did not take any action. Although many Egyptians condemned the attack, last week they raided the home of Ismael Shahateh and aimed to force him out of his home. Shia Muslims protected Ismael and the attackers left the area.

Egyptian Shia Muslims report the attacks are motivated by hate lectures of Salafi clerics of the village.

SRW strongly condemns the attacks to Shia Muslim figures and demand stop to them. Egyptian public, clerics and government are responsible for any harm that Shia might face. Shia Muslims have long history in Egypt and they must be respected just like other minorities in the country.

Bahraini Forces Must be Found Guilty Under the New Laws

new_lawThe National Assembly of the Bahrain increases restriction and harsher punishments for “act of terrorism”. The new laws include no less than 10 years imprisonment, death penalty, and even revocation of citizenship.

SRW in concerned about the safety and security of Shia Muslim protestors. According to activists the new law is to legalize human rights violations and not to bring security back to the country. Although the authorities state that the increased harsh punishment is for those who are arrested for “terrorist activities”, they do not describe and define what is considered “terror” in Bahrain. According to all dictionaries terrorism is the use of violence, however seems like the Bahraini government has its own definition of terrorism.

SRW believes in Bahrain it is the government that is using violence to stop peaceful protestors. People of Bahrain have started and continued their protest peacefully. In fact no protestor has been arrested with any weapon. Yet the government clearly has been attacking, arresting, torturing and even killing protestors violently.

If the government is no actually implement the law and bring criminals to justice, than many Bahraini forces must be count responsible for death of many Shia Muslims in Bahrain since they are the one acting as terrorist.

SRW urges the Bahraini government to either repeal the new laws or implement them on security forces who acted violently toward peaceful protestors.

Letter to Y.B. Mejar Jeneral Dato’ Seri Jamil Khir Bin Baharom/ Malaysia

Letter to Y.B. Mejar Jeneral Dato’ Seri Jamil Khir Bin Baharom/ Malaysia

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department

Y.A.B. Dato’ Sri Mohd. Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak

Honorable Minister,

On behalf of Shia Rights Watch, I am writing to highlight the ongoing human rights violations toward Shia Muslims in Malaysia and to ask for action to prevent future violations.

Malaysia is a multi-religious and multiracial nation and Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Shia Muslims are all minorities in the society. However, Shia Muslims are the only minority group that faces increasing unfair treatment and violation from the government. Although Shia are Muslims, their faith is considered “deviant” in Malaysia and by the Malaysian government.

SRW is writing to highlight that prohibiting the practice of any religion is against human rights and a clear violation of a number of Articles in the International Bill of Human Rights (IBHR), The ASEAN Human Rights Declaration, and the Islamabad Declaration that Malaysia is affiliated with.

It is shocking to learn Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, stated that banning Shia teaching is not against human rights as the Kedah government announced that it would ban the Syiah (Shia) teachings in Kedah.

SRW is also concerned about the abolishment of The 40th Special Conference of the Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs that Malaysia convened in1996, which discussed the status of Shia in Malaysia and “decided that only the Zaidiyyah and Jafariyyah Shia sects are accepted to be practiced in Malaysia”. Abolishing such a law will only increase intolerance among the citizens. Malaysia’s consideration or decision to ban the Shia from practicing and teaching their faith is clear violation of human rights laws according to Articles 2 and 22 of the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration of 2012, which Malaysia has committed to in the presence of President Barack Obama in Phnom Penh on November 18th 2012. The Articles state:

Article 2


Every person is entitled to the rights and freedoms set forth herein, without distinction of any kind, such as race, gender, age, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, economic status, birth, disability or other status.

Article 22


Every person has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. All forms of intolerance, discrimination and incitement of hatred based on religion and beliefs shall be eliminated.

Also, Malaysia’s stand against the Shia population is contrary to Islamabad Declaration (2007) which was signed by Datuk Syed Hamid Albar, Home Minister at the time to represent Malaysia at The Thirty Fourth Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers on 15-17th May 2007. Islamabad Declaration (2007) states that:

No Muslim, whether he or she is Shi’ite or Sunni, may be subject to murder or any harm, intimidation, terrorization, or aggression on his property; incitement thereto; or forcible displacement, deportation, or kidnapping. All Muslims to refrain seriously from any provocation of sensitivities or sectarian or ethnic strife, as well as any name-calling, abuse, prejudice or vilification and invectives.”

Moreover, recently SRW was informed that The Home Ministry is urged to immediately ban printed materials such as books and novels written by Syiah (Shia Muslim) followers. This ban limits the Shia’s access to their educational sources and is not acceptable.

The fact that you are promoting anti-Shia laws and do not consider it contrary to human rights is unexpected.

Ever since the 1980s the Shia Muslim community has been facing stigma and violations of rights including arrests, attacks on private practices in community centers and confiscation of properties. A report published by Shia Rights Watch clearly detailed the violations toward Shia Muslims in Malaysia. According to the many Shia that complain about the situation of Shia; they are afraid to practice their faith in public.

S.R.W believes it is important for the Malaysian government to recognize Shia as Muslims and give them the human rights that they are entitled to, just like any other citizen in the country. Freedom and respect to religions must be observed in Malaysia and all citizens should be treated equally.

To this end, SRW urges the Malaysian government to:

  • Stop anti-Shia activities and respect basic human rights of Shia regarding their religious freedom,
  • Free and drop charges against detained Shia Muslim ,
  • Put a stop to anti-Shia fatwas and religious documents,
  • Allow Shia to practice their faith freely,
  • Rather than applying pressure to the Shia community, violating their rights and provoking them to retaliate, Malaysia should be working together with this minority group to ensure that the well -being and the rights of the community are preserved. The government should promote policies and practices that ensure the right of every religious group to exercise its faith free from legal, political, or economic restrictions. This includes the Shia Muslim minority.
  • Peace is only obtainable under understanding and respect for others.

Mustafa Akhwand

Director of SRW

Six Cities under Attack

explosionShia killings continue in Iraq after July that was the deadliest month since 2006. Shia populated areas of Iraq faces more bomb explosion than any other country in the world. Explosions on Tuesday August 6th killed 30 and injured 100 of people.

UN reported 1,057 deaths and 2,236 Iraqi wounded however many officials believe the number is much higher: In fact violent and death toll in Iraq in much higher than in Syria.

Explosions happened in Al-Nahrawan, Karrada, Al-Shaab , Al-Husseiniya, Al-Dora and Zafaraniya. Most explosions happened right before Iftar. Iftar is the time Muslims break their Ramadan fast.

Iraq is facing increasing violence against Shia Muslims and the government has not been able to protect civilians. Terrorist groups attack Shia to increase tension and show opposition to the government.

SRW believs the government should work harder in bring security back to Iraq and must communicate with opposition groups in order to stop the violence.

UN Complaint