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Peacekeeper and Violator Make a Deal to Kill ?!

Saudi Arabia Spending Millions of $ Buying Cluster Bombs.

The world is full of surprises and some are scary, very scary. Three days ago Foreign Policy Magazine published one of the most terrifying deals. According to the Magazine Saudi Arabia is spending $640 million buying US made cluster bombs!!!!

Saudi Arabia has always been identifies as THE most human rights violators by ALL human rights organizations. On the other end US is a country with most human rights organizations and is known for its peaceful values and missions. SO….. it is unexpected and unaccepted to see the most peaceful sells weapons to the worse violator!!!!!

In a time when half of the 193 countries of the world are involved in some sort of arm conflict, this act of US is not the wisest one. It is interesting to know that cluster bombs are banned by 83 out of total 193 countries of the world.

Saudi Arabia is known for founding terrors groups around the globe, most well-known terrorists are either Saudi or trained in Saudi, all minorities and visitors are discriminated against in the Saudi and YET we sell weapons, and not just any weapon, cluster weapons to such a country?

SRW urges our government to stop selling weapons that WILL for sure be used to kill people to Saudi Arabia. This organization also demands Saudi to stop founding and arming terrorist.

By Hawraa, A Human Rights Advocate …..on August 27, 2013


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