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Saudi Arabia Humanity Crime Against Shia

Mohammad-ShamimyThroughout the past couple of years, Human Rights organizations have worked around the clock to assure innocent people’s rights. Nothing tops the amazing feeling of saving a life, restoring a right, and even being a guardian organization to protect innocent people’s rights and act as a voice for the voiceless. at Shia Rights Watch, an organization that focuses on rights of Shia around the globe, we like to remind Human Rights organizations around the globe that we have failed to restore rights of many people whose voices we have heard, but not fought for their rights as we should have!

Every hour of every day, rights of men, women, and children are violated and we neglect to raise our voices for the sake of humanity, yet no authority in any of the monarchy government has been taken to International Crime Court, ( ICC ), nor any anti-Shia has been sentences for the crimes they have committed.

Over seventy days ago, we published a story about an innocent Saudi Arabian teenager, Mohammad Al-Shamimi. Al-Shamimi was arrested when he was coming back from Kuwait. Now after months of not knowing much about his health condition, on June 29th, Mr. Al-Shamimi was released from prison, where his family members noticed Mohammad did not recognize his own parents and family members, became mute, and lost all ability to communicate and speak due to tortures done through electrical shocks. The shape of his jaw has been curved, or misplaced as well. This is an initial and early aftermath effect of tortures done to Mohammad in Dammam Prison in Saudi Arabia.

The most recent poll shows that 600 adults are in Saudi Arabia prisons, accompanied by 35 children, all different ages, some under the age of eighteen. In the past fourteen months, 150 adults and 11 children are reported missing and their family members believe the government has captured them, and they may be under torture now. These innocent people’s health conditions are unknown.

We ask all Human Rights organizations to assist us in raising the voice of the voiceless innocent men, women, and children in Saudi Arabia. Innocent Shia like Mohammad deserve to be hospitalized in proper facility and the criminals who have committed such inhumane tortures to people like Mohammad, or any other similar human rights violation, to higher courts like International Criminal Court, and fight for justice. The future of Mohammad Al-Shamimi, and many other innocent people are tied to how much effort we put to seek justice for people whose minimal human rights have been violated.


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