Anti-Shia Wahhabi Killed Two Shia and Arrested Cleric

Al-nimerAnti-Shia Wahhabi Security forces in eastern Saudi Arabia (Qatif) have killed two Shia and injureed at least 20, after a Shia leader Shaikh Alnimer was shot and arrested.
Syed Akbar al Shakhuri, from al-Awmiya city and Syed Mohammad al-Felfel from Qatif are two Shia who got killed in Saudi. The injured are in bad condition.
Sheikh Nemer al-Nimer, a prominent Shia cleric and Anti-terrorist activist, was chased, shot and arrested while driving toward his home in July,8 2012, said witnesses.

The protests against inhumane treatment toward Shia citizen in Saudi Arabia were the largest in the city since November and December, when at least six Shia peaceful demonstrators were shot and killed. Government was prompted by influential Anti-Shia Wahhabis to escalate its pressure on the Shia opposition.


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