Saudi Arabia sentence fifteen Shia Muslisms to Death Penalty

Once again Saudi Arabia authorities have used the political aim to prosecute Shia Muslims in the country.

Based on the report by Shia Rights Watch correspondence in Saudi Arabia, the court system that is not fulfilled with the international system of law sentenced fifteen Shia Muslims with the wrong accusation due to political aim. Saudi Arabia has been using the false accusation for many years to put pressure to Shia Muslims in the Eastern Province and threatening the identity and security of its citizens, showing that the sectarian rise in Saudi Arabia has closed the door to religious coexistence in the country.

Shia Rights Watch, demand the Saudi authorities to prevent the rise of conflict in the country by respecting Shia Citizens who have shown loyalty to the country and abide the law that is placed only to favor the ruling government and its Wahhabi ideology.

SRW also demand the international committee to take action toward preventing Saudi Arabia from stereotyping the Shia as thread to the country and create an environment which people of different faith can coexist and participate in building the multicultural society.

The names of Shia Muslims who are sentenced to death penalty is shown bellow;

  1. Salem Abdullah Al-Emry (Death Sentence)
  2. Mohammad Abdulghani Atiyah (Death Sentence)
  3. Abbas Haji Al-Hasan (Death Sentence)
  4. Mohammed Hussein Al-Ashoor (Death Sentence)
  5. Talib Muslim Al-Harbi (Death Sentence)
  6. Badr Hilal Altalib (Imprisonment 20 Years)
  7. Hussein Ali Al-Hamidi (Death Sentence)
  8. Hussein Qasim Al-Abood (Death Sentence)
  9. Taher Muslim Al-Herbi (Death Sentence)
  10. Ali Hussein Al-Ashoor (Death Sentence)
  11. Yasin Haleh Al-Heri (Imprisonment 8 year)
  12. Samir Hilel Al-Herbi (Imprisonment 12 Years)
  13. Yousif Abdullah Al-Herbi (Death Sentence)
  14. Ali Hussein Al-Mehanna (Death Sentence)
  15. Ali Abdullah Al-haji (Imprisonment 5 Years)
  16. Abdul-Jall Ali Eisan (Imprisonment 15 Years)
  17. Abdul-Ghafoor dos Hazara (Afghani Citizen) (Waiting for Trial)
  18. Ahmed Abdel Aziz Alfels (Imprisonment 5 Years)
  19. Alvi musa Al-Hussein (Imprisonment 10 Years)
  20. Ahmed Ghama Al-Ghamedi (Imprisonment 5 Years)
  21. Ali Zeif Alawaji (Imprisonment 18 Years)
  22. Ahmed Ali Naser (Death Sentence)
  23. Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Khamis (Death Sentence)
  24. Mohammad Zaman Zamani (Irainian (Imprisonment 4 Years))
  25. Naser Abdullah Al-Leweyem (Imprisonment 2 Years)
  26. Hussein saeed Al-Ibrahim (Death Sentence)
  27. Khedhir ali Al-Mouhen (Imprisonment 8 Years)
  28. Abbass Abdullah Al-Abad (Death Sentence)
  29. Ibrahim Ali Hamidi (Imprisonment 25 Years)
  30. Sahel Abdulaziz Al-Moled (Waiting for Trial)
  31. Ali Ahmed Al Kabish (Imprisonment 2 Years)
  32. Mohammad Hussein Al-Alasi (Imprisonment 6 Month)

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