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Saudi Arrest Mohammad and Ali Alshamimy

sa-flagUpdate: On Friday April, 20 Saudi authorities arrest Shia Scholar Al-Shamimy second son to Ali AlShamimy and took him to an unknown place. This come one week after Mohammad Al-Shamimy’s arrest. Mohammad was arrested previously in Bahrain and released after spending months in jail without being given any explanation from Bahraini authorities. Last week while he was returning from Kuwait to Saudi, he was arrested.

Saudi authorities arrested Muhammad Al-Shamimy while he was returning with his father from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia. Authorities took Mohammad to an unknown destination.  They also confiscated Al-Shamimy’s car and cellphone for search. When Al- Shamimy’s father asked for the reason of arrest authorities told him to go to the Qatif police station. Until now no one knows the reason of Al- Shamimy’s arrest, or his current situtaion.


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