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Saudi Closed Largest Shia Mosque in Al-Ahsa

shiarightswatch.org-saudiShia Rights Watch condemns the closure of the largest Shia mosque in Al-Ahsa, one of the Shia city in Saudi Arabia and ask the government to know that the continuing the discrimination might bring unrest to the country. It is the Shia’s right to practice peaceful programs in the month of Moharam and it is the job of the government to protect their citizens, not to oppressed them.

According to Rasid, Saudi security authorities ordered the closure of the newly established Shia mosques Buhaligha, which opened earlier this year.

The closures came in the beginning of the month of Moharam in which Shia commemorate the death of Imam Hussein, the prophet’s Mohammad grandson.

The authorities have not given a clear explanation for this action but they return fear to the Shia citizens in Al- Ahsa, in result of discrimination toward them and not allowing them to practice their rights.

Al-Ahsa was under years of security watch,  ending up in the arrest of hundreds of Shia citizens and long closure of dozens of Shia mosques, religious schools and family service centers.

Even though government gave the permission of opening some of the Shia mosques and centers, the last crackdown showed that discrimination toward Shia in Saudi Arabia will not rest.

Not to forget that Shia population is more than 10 percent of the Saudi Arabia.


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