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Police kills 3 Shia in 24 Hours in Eastern Saudi Arabia

www.shiarighttswatch.org-muneer-2-10-12Saudi security forces shot and killed three Shia freedom seekers and six others wounded, when they opened fire on a march in the oil-producing Eastern Province, home to a large Shia minority.

 21-year-old Muneer al-Meedani died from a bullet in the chest fired by police while dispersing demonstrators in the center of the town of al-Qatif on Thursday.

Muneer al-Meedani was the sixth to be killed since November.

According to Qatif News in the past 24 Hours Saudi police have killed two more Shia.  Zuhair Saeed died from bullet in his stomach.

 Security forces have arrested and released around 500 Shia over the prostests, and are currently holding 80 Shia

behind bars, according to activist counts.



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