Shia-Ethnic-Cleansing-in-IndonesiaThe 16 page report “Shia Ethnic Cleansing in Indonesia “documents cases of human rights violations towards minority Shia in the world’s largest Muslim populated countries, Indonesia. Shia Rights Watch researchers have collected creditable sources that highlight violations that Shia face in this country.

The document narrates the born down of Shia community, relocation, arbitrary arrests of Shia clerics, stubbing and killings, and Indonesian’s militant’s effort to get Shia to convert. The report also contains recommendations that can help the government to resolve issues in this country. A letter that S.R.W sent to the Indonesian Embassy regarding the recent unrest in the Indonesia is also included in the Appendix section of the report.

This document is one of a kind report that gathers all Shia rights violations during the year 2012.


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