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Shia News Wire # 71

June 10th to 17th/ 2016

In the past week, over 50 lives were lost in the nations of Iraq and Syria in series of attacks targeting areas dense with Shia Muslim.


In Iraq, Baghdad topped the charts yet again with over 50% of the total casualties. On average, there has been one improvised explosive device detonation on each day of the week, leading to the death of 25 civilians.


In Syria, the detonation of three explosive devices led to the death of 20 and injury of dozens more in the Sayyida Zainab town. Sayyida Zainab is located south of Damascus and is home to the shrine of Prophet Muhammad’s granddaughter. Sayyida Zainab is one of the more prominent Shia neighborhoods of Syria. In the attack, two suicide bombers and one car bomber detonated their devices. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for this attack.  


Injustice continues in the Kingdom of Bahrain as Nabeel Rajab was detained, yet again. On 14 of June, Rajab was taken in custody and charged with spreading “false” information with aims of “discrediting the state”. Sources tell SRW that Rajab is to be held for a seven day period (as of now), most of which has been spent in solitary confinement.

Rajab was detained in 2015 as well, but was pardoned by King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa on basis of Rajabs deteriorating health. Nabeel Rajab is the founder of Bahrain Center for Human Rights and a prominent leader in the shia led demonstrations against discrimination and violence by the Bahraini government.

Also, the congregation of Shia mosque Imams have ceased Friday prayers in their mosques, citing fear of insecurity and a lack of safety for individuals in the shia community as a result of the Bahraini government’s system persecution of the population.


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