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Shia News Wire # 76

July 15th to 22nd, 2016


Violence continues in Baghdad against the Shia population during this third week of July.  52 people have lost their lives to gunfire, IED’s, and car bombings.  ISIS claimed the car combing in Northeastern Baghdad which left 11 people dead and 32 wounded.  Meanwhile in Baiji, 2 children lost their lives to thirst as their families where trying to flee the ISIS controlled area.  Temperatures in the area have been soaring and above normal for quite some time.


Human rights activist Nazeeha Saeed was banned from work and travel on 20 July.  This is not the first time the Bahraini government has imposed travel bans on her.  Saeed was first arrested and then in 2011 for covering a pro-democracy movement that was spreading throughout the country.  Nazeeha Saeed is a human rights correspondent for Radio Monte Carlo and France 24.


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