Shia Rights Watch Condemns the Killings and Torturing Against Shia Muslims in Indonesia

Indonesia_flagShia Rights Watch condemns the terrorist crimes of killings and torturing against Shia Muslim citizens in Indonesia and calls the authorities to bear complete responsibilities in protecting their citizens.

Sources from the field in Eastern Jawa area in Indonesia have reported that some armed terrorist groups attacked Shia villages, killed citizens and burned their houses to impose displacement according to agenda set by an Arabian embassy operating in the country.

While the displaced and fugitive families were taking shelter in sport clubs, the armed groups besieged them. The sources add.

Moreover, more than 60 Shia Muslim families are still in danger.

Shia Rights Watch calls to provide immediate relief for the injured people and lift the siege. The organization also calls the local authority to end its role as passive observer and to punish those extremist groups and suit legal cases against those involved the crimes.

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