Shia Rights Watch Condemns Violence Against Indonesian Shia

Indonesia_flagShia Rights Watch strongly condemns violence a that targeting Shia Muslim in Indonesia.The organization emphasizes to respect the rights of religious and ethnical minorities and to stop attacking them under any proclaims or reasons.

According to Media, Anti-Shia group has killed a number of Shia civilians and burned their houses in Sampang in Indonesia.Eye witnesses report that the Anti-Shia group slaughtered some Shia Muslims and injured 7 others before burning 10 of their houses.

Shia in Indonesia was targeted before in the month of Moharram (Prophet Mohammad grandson) by Anti Shia terrorist and displaced to the other sites.Shia Rights Watch urge Indonesia authorities to protect the life of its Shia civilians and justly confront such violent Anti Shia terrorist group.

It is the rights of the citizens of any country to practice their faith with the protection of the government and respect their believes. Shia rights watch ask the government of Indonesia to protect and support the freedom of religion in the country.

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