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Shia Rights Watch Engagement at the 31st Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council “Countering Terrorism and Promoting Equal Rights”

Human Rights Council- 31st session – Item 3

Promotion and protection of human Rights and Fundamental freedom while countering terrorism and Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights

Interactive Dialogue

Countering Terrorism and Promoting Equal Rights

Contribution Oriane Dumas

Geneva March 10, 2016

Mr. President,


Shia Rights Watch would like to thank you for your human right advocacy and the UN bodies and NGOs for their work. Year To Date, increasing number of victims of terror is alarming to us, hence we take this opportunity to reemphasize the importance and necessity of protecting rights of individuals, in particular rights of minorities living in the troubled areas. Increasing acts of Anti Shi’ism  terrorizes men, women and children in more than 25 Countries. Repeated violations against minorities, specially Shia Muslims have led to unstable and fearful environment for these minorities to pursue their daily lives.

As documented by the UN, “The United Nations ability to develop a comprehensive strategy has been constrained by the inability of Member States to agree on an anti -terrorism convention including a

definition of terrorism”, it is widely agreed upon that terror involves violence and spreads fear.  Acts of terror have caused serious physical or psychological harm to victims, and needless to add; have social, economic, and other consequences, which in many cases result in increasing acts of violence.

Many UN Member States have  ratified the need to counter terrorism. In pursuant of protecting lives of innocent men, women and children, we hope for a day that “ Variations of Terror” are recognized as “Unlawful Act” by all Member States. Reduction of terrorism globally, directly impacts well-being of all Racial, Cultural, Ethnic, and Religious Minorities and in particular the indigenous people. Shia Muslims are diverse in cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. Sadly. researchers at Shia Rights Watch report 5093 Shia Muslims killed, 5416 wounded, and 431 arrested during year 2015 in fifteen countries.  These statistics do not include those who have been killed in armed conflicts. Victims of all documented cases are civilians whose rights are violated through terror act of a state or non-state agents due to their belief.

Violations such as Right of Employment, Education, Dignity, and Freedom of Expression are largely unreported due to the fear of further violations. Existing measures to protect minorities including Shia Muslims are limited. SRW therefore calls upon member States to facilitate avenues of dialogue with their current Shia constituency and also increase efforts to decrease terrorism and promote healthy coexistence between all citizen, irrespective of race, ethnicity, culture, gender and religion.

Thank you



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