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Update: Shia Scholar sentenced to 3-month incarceration and 300 flagellation, during HAJJ 2016


Thanks for all the effort and follow up with our team and Iraqi Embassy in Saudi Arabia, Shia Scholar “Ala Taha” got released today.


BREAKING: Saudi Arabia authorities arrested Iraqi Shia #Scholar “Sheikh Taha” in Mina during Hajj pilgrimage sentencing him to 3-month incarceration and 300 flagellations for an unknown reason. Shia Rights Watch during the beginning of the Hajj season has warned the Shia Muslims toward Anti-Shia threats that they might face during the Hajj. Saudi Arabia authorities are known for their act of violence toward Shia and in many cases preventing Shia Muslims from practicing their faith in public. Many cases of beating and arresting were reported to Shia Rights Watch, and we are working with Iraqi Authorities to release Hajj pilgrims from detention.



Hajj 2016 Travel Advisory


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