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Shia Weekly News #29


In Indonesia Shia Muslims looking to return to their homes after a religious riot that targeted them forced them to free from their homes are facing renewed discrimination. Hundreds of Shia Muslims that were displaced years ago from Indonesia’s East Java province were recently told that they must abandon their faith to return.

Three years ago a Sunni Muslim mob of more than 500 people attack Shai Muslims in the East Java town of Sampang. Two people died, 10 were injured, and hundreds were displaced as a result of this. Shia Muslims affected by this riot are seeking to move past this horrendous event and resettle in the town. Unfortunately this attempt is being met with discrimination.

Shia Rights Watch joins Amnesty International in condemning this action and requests that the Indonesian government ensure that displaced Shia Muslims are safely resettled.


On August 27th Egyptian Authorities detained and questioned Doctor Rasim al-Nafees and Sayyed Tahir al-Hashemi after returning from the 6th General Assembly of the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly in Iran. The doctors were questioned for several hours. Doctor Nafees belongings were confiscated and Mr. Hashemis passport was revoked.

The actions taken by the Egyptian authorities against these two men is an abuse of power and should be rectified. In addition to this, Shia Rights Watch requests that the Egyptian authorities issue apologies to those two men.


It is been reported that the health of a prominent political prisoner in Bahrain has deteriorated due to a denial of medical attention from prison officials. Mahdi Isa Mahdi Abu Deeb who is the founder and leader of the Bahrain Teacher’s Association was arrested during the 2011 uprising in Bahrain and is serving a five year sentence in the Jaw Prison. The denial of medical attention in the Jaw prison has worsened his neck and knee problems. This lack of treatment has left him unable to walk without assistance.

The Jaw Prison is the central detention facility in Bahrain and is where hundreds of prisoners of conscience were detained during the 2011 uprising. Mr. Deeb is one of those arrested during that time that still remain in prison. Conditions in the Jaw Prison are notoriously unsafe for inmates and the international community has repeatedly called for improvements to the facility as it places the health and safety of the inmates in jeapordy.

Shia Rights Watch calls for the immediate release of Mr. Deeb and all remaining prisoners of conscience in Bahrain. In addition, the Bahraini authorities should make immediate improvements to correctional facilities and the conduct of prison officials.


Near daily bombings continue throughout Iraq as roughly 32 Shia Muslims were killed and roughly 13 were injured in eight separate attacks this week. These attacks came largely from Improvised Explosive Devices which have become a weapon used regularly in Shia neighborhoods in Iraq. No group has taken responsibility for these attacks but ISIS has been increasing attacks against Shia population centers in recent weeks. Updates on these attacks will be made available on our website as they develop.


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