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Spotlight, Special Edition

Spotlight is the only and first human rights report that looks at all countries with most Shia Muslim rights violations at once.

This one of a kind Spotlight report summarizes Shia Muslim rights violations in eight countries with the most violations. The report reflects extensive investigative work that SRW staff has undertaken during last two years often in close partnership with human rights activists.

Spot Light highlights the Shia rights violations in:

  1. 1.Saudi Arabia
  2. 2.Bahrain
  3. 3.Pakistan
  4. 4.Egypt
  5. 5.Malaysia
  6. 6.Indonesia
  7. 7.Syria
  8. 8.Iraq

Based on investigations Shia Muslim rights violation is increasing and spreading to more countries and this trend is resulting in death and maltreatment of millions of Shia Muslims who live and demonstrate peacefully.


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