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14 Shia Muslim killed based on their ID and Names in Iraq

More ambushes and sectarian killing sin Iraq is creating fear among Iraqi civilians and visitor. On June 6, 2013 a group of travelers were kidnapped at a fake check point in Nukhaib area, west of Iraq. The gunmen shot and killed fourteen Shia Muslims on spot. The authorities believe it was a targeted killing since the IDs were checked and Shia Muslims were killed selectively.

Although there is no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, it is believed to be motivated by the al-Qardawi’s fatwa of jihad.

Sectarian violence and targeted killings have resulted in hundreds of death in April and May 2013. SRW have repeatedly contacted the authorities to improve the security of the visitors and residents of Iraq since this country hosts millions of Shia Muslims every year for religious spirituals. This organization also urged oppositions to stop violence and human rights violations.

SRW condemns the Shia killings in Iraq and asks all human rights organizations and activist to take immediate actions to stop violence in newly stables Iraq.


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