SRW Letter to the Embassy of the Republican of Indonesia

Shia Rights Watch contacted the Indonesian ambassador; Dr. Dino Patti Djalal, regarding recent Shia rights violations in this country. In the recent letter to the Embassy of the Republican of Indonesia S.R.W asked the Indonesian government to stop human rights violations toward Shia community in this country. Shia has been suffering from many human rights violation in past year in Indonesia.

Some of the violations are:

·         The organization mentioned some of the violations in the letter including”

·         The burn down of Shia homes,

·         Killing and stabbing of innocent residence,

·         Relocation Shia form their village,

·         Sunni clerics and some police officers signing a public statement declaring that Shia Islam is heretical,

·         And forcing Shia to converts,

Director of the S.R.W emphasized that Indonesia is a state party of the UN and ICCPR, therefore this country is obligated to follow International Bill of Human Rights and must respect all human under the law.

The organization recommended the Indonesian government to free all innocent Shia clerics, respect Shia rights and religious freedom, rebuild the homes and schools of the Shia residence, and insure security and freedom for all.

The letter was sent to the Embassy on first week of November 2012 and the organization did not get any response from the embassy.

The letter can be found under the LETTER section of the Shia Rights Watch web site.

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