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SRW’s Ramadan Letter to all Embassies in USA

Dear Ambassador,

This Ramadan, Shia Rights Watch invites you to join the thousands if not millions of Shia Muslim in your nation by renewing your commitment to promoting unity among the masses.

We ask that you be mindful of your Muslim constituents in this month as they hold fasts. Ramadan holds within itself the spirit of devotion to reconciliation for self and community.  Muslims use this month as an opportunity to build united front against extremism and hate by promoting love and commitment.

This year SRW encourages establishing mutual understanding and brotherhood among not only Muslims but constituents of all faiths. Let us join as one global community with the same rights and authority for self- care and communal advancement.

Together with your help, we can take the necessary steps to establish the building blocks of a year of prosperous peace. Join us in creating a resolution by which all minority populations especially that of the Shia population are treated as equals in the eye of the law and even social constructs such that targeting a group is no longer feasible economically, politically, or socially. Join us in using the essence of justice and charity, both prominent principles for this holy month, in educating not only ourselves, but others in basic human rights and encourage their implementation in our surroundings.

We entrust this message of peace to you in hopes that your actions and words will acts as advocates of peace in both your home nation and the United States of America.



Shia Rights Watch


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