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Flashback Friday, February 26, 2021

Shia happenings in the week of February 26, 2021     Detained Shia Muslims Face Harsh Conditions and Threats to Basic Rights  Bahraini authorities continue to undermine the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners. Sexual abuse, overcrowding, violence, and insanitary conditions in Bahrain threaten the life …

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Bahrain’s Counterproductive Covid-19 Measures

Shia Rights Watch raises concerns for the state of human rights in the Holy Month of Muharram.  In advance of the Holy Month, Bahraini authorities announced restrictive measures in religious congregation and public organizations expressing Muharram commemorations.  Prominent organizers of mourning rituals have been summoned and threatened with detention.  Some …

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How Methods of Prevention Matter

Amidst developments of the Coronavirus or COVID-19, increased scrutability has been placed on measures taken at the national and local levels. The most recent and troublesome prevention measures was that of the mismanaged closure of major Shia Shrines in Qum and Mashhad. A topic of great importance to the Shia …

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