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Citizens of Tomorrow: International Youth Day

While youth make up a slight majority of the world’s population today, they make up all of tomorrow.

Of the world 7.6 billion population, there are 1.4 billion individuals between the ages of 15-24. If one were to use the internationally comprehensive classification of “young people,” the world is comprised of over 3.8 billion people between the ages of 10-35, 1.7 billion of which are Shia Muslims.

Given the prospective growth of Shia Islam in the next 50 years, the population of Shia Muslims is expected to rise even more than the numbers presented.

Youth is a transition age- a challenging time period in which individuals are left to make some of the most important life decisions. Youth is an epitome age of momentum, and even more importantly, youth establishes a basis for the development of social activeness.

Shia Rights Watch calls for the observance of August 12,  International Youth Day, as an opportunity to recognize the significance of the youth in promoting human rights in all areas of the world.

Involving youth in pro-peace endeavors leads to long-term civic engagement, and given the growth of the global community, youth will not only engage in local peace endeavors but also international conflict resolution efforts.

With opportunities, young people present immense willingness to collaborate and shed new light on age-old problematic social systems.

Shia Rights Watch recognizes the need for an all-inclusive platform for Shia and non-Shia youth to engage in dialogue with the aims of promoting human rights all over the world. Its time youth are taken out of marginalization and included in efforts for establishing peace in the international community.





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