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Terrorists Attack Mosques

City of Kasra witnessed another deadly day when about 40 died and more than 50 wounded due to two explosions. One September 11th, 2013 two car bombs went off as Shia Muslims exited a local mosque in Kasra city of Baghdad, Iraq. Most of the victims were exiting mosque when the explosions happen.

Iraqi Shia are continually witnessing attacks to their communities and the government failed to protect Shia so far. Thousands of Shia have lost their lives since the start of 2013, and the number is growing every day.

SRW believes the attacks can only have two motivations: the attackers are either opposition to government or belong to anti-Shia terrorist groups. This organization asks those who kill Shia Muslims as a mean to show opposition to government to stop killing innocent citizen and start logical dialog with the government. Also the organization calls on Iraqi governments to protect all citizens.


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