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Burning of Shrine by Extremist

Anti-Shia extremists supported by Saudi Arabia and Wahhabis have crossed the line today in Syria. According to local witnesses the shrine of Lady Sakina, the daughter of Shia’s first Imam, Imam Ali, was burned down in Daraya, Syria. 

Shia Rights Watch have repeatedly warned the anti-Shia groups not to cross the line and do not touch the shrines and holy places, however, they proved that they respect no boundary. 

The shrine of Lady Sakina has attracted many visitors in Daraya, Syria and destroying her shrine in disrespect to the Prophet of God and his family. Daraya, is located in southwest of Damascus and faces Muslim massacres during recent Syria unrests.

S.R.W condemns this anti-religion and anti-Shia act of the extremists and asks all whose who have respect to any religions to step up and defend holy places of Shia by spreading this article and asking anti-Shia groups to stop destroying Shia places of worship.


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