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The Conference of Ali

Shia-Rights-Watch_the-Conference-of-AliShia Rights Watch – Dearborn, MI – Shia rights watch joined more than 3000 Shia Muslim attendees at UMAA’s eleventh annual convention “The Conference of Ali” in Dearborn Michigan, May 2013.

SRW had a chance to meet people from all around the United States and raise Shia rights awareness amongst citizens, activist and organizations.  We were able to suggest and recommend practical steps that human rights activist and citizens can take to promote human rights and defend the rights of Shia Muslims. The recommendations and trainings included networking ideas, human rights law awareness, report writing, community and media outlet outreach, and news broadcasting methods.  

Activist were able to access hard copies of  Shia Rights Watch’s publications such as reports, “International Bill of Human Rights”, “Who are Shia Muslims”  and “Anti-Shi’ism” informative handouts.  

Shia rights watch would like to thank thousands of Shia and non-Shia attendees who met SRW representative during UMAA convention. Also this organization admires the UMAA security personals who responded to bomb thread and removed suspicious object from the ladies bathroom in the second floor of Adoba hotel. The hotel was evacuated and the suspicious object was removed in timely manner.

SRW urges the attendees to keep in touch and continue promoting peace and non-violence.


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