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Saudi Arabia authorities arrest 3 member of Ayatollah Fayadh office

Ayatollah_FayazShia Rights Watch, Washington DC, According to SRW representative in Medina -Saudi Arabia, on Monday September 30th Saudi Arabia authorities arrested three member of the office of Ayatollah Mohammad Ishagh Fayadh in the Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid Nabawi) for unknown reasons.

Saudi authorities showed more restriction and pressure toward Shia Muslims in Medina. There are many cases reported that Shia scholars were arrested or questioned because of their religion in past years. Hajj of 2013 can become a challenging year as Saudi authorities have new agenda to pressure and restrict Shia Muslims during the pilgrimage

Hajj is an annual Islamic ritual that is mandatory for many who can afford to participate, however, in many cases, Shia Muslims have to risk their security in order to accomplish their religious duty.

SRW urges Saudi authorities to explain their restrictions toward Shia Muslims and demand freedom of the those arrested for practicing their religion.


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