282 Shia Iraqi Killed and 700 Injured in the Month of June, 2012

Human Rights issues have taken the shape, color and structure of political issues. Despite millions of organizations which aim for a peaceful world, the majority of these organizations have different results in mind.  Some move forward with political agendas in mind, some aim for a higher role in the governmental offices and some are just puppets of offshore governments,  pushing their agenda ahead. Lives of the innocent are at risk. Political and resource-focused games among countries are only harming the lives of thousands of people in the Middle East and millions globally.

Anti-Shia terrorist are one of few groups that are pushing their agenda forward at the speed of light, if not faster.  Innocent Shia are tortured, prisoned, raped, killed, and denied their most basic human rights in number of Middle Eastern nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Bahrain.

The month of June left the Iraqi Shia with more than 282 Iraqis dead.  The killing of the Shia is growing every month, passing the number of the death in the month of May which was 132 deaths. The amount of the injuries in this month raised more than 700 Shia across Iraq. Attack on Baghdad’s Quraish Square killed more than Six Shia pilgrims on June 11th , while they were trying to attend death anniversary of the Shia Imam Moussa al-kazim. A second attack happened on June 13th, in the southern part of Iraq which targeted Shia pilgrims who were traveling to the shrine of Shia Imam Moussa al-kazim, killing more than 140 Shia and wounding 300 Shia.

On June 16th, while Shia pilgrims were returning, multiple explosions in the highway killed 18 Shia and wounded 140, and the unfortunate second bomb killed 16 Shia and wounded dozens.

Anti-Shia didn’t stop there. On June 19th, while families were burying their loved ones, another suicide bomber exploded himself inside the crowd and killed 20 Shia and injured more than 40. On June 20th two roadside bombs exploded in Baghdad market, killing 13 Shia and wounding 100. The last but not least massacre was on June 27th, as terrorist attacked Shia politicians in Baghdad killing 7 Shia and wounding 21.

These are the number of Shia targeted violences that have been recorded in Iraq.  There are many more that could not be recorded due to the lack of media or fear among people, fear of being captured, tortured, etc. These unfortunate events have become a part of the lives of innocent Shia in more than dozen countries around the world.

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