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54 Killed due to Bombing in Iraq

Ongoing violence in Iraq claimed 54 lives in Shia populated areas of Baghdad yesterday. Sadr City, neighborhood of Kadhimiyah, Mosul , and Tuz Khurmatu areas most effected by bombings. The bombings also wounded 37 some of which are in serious condition.

1,666 people died in the first three months of 2014 due to terrorist attacks or other acts of violence, according to UN statistics and the violence is claiming more lives every day.

Bombings have also resulted in destruction of many houses and businesses and that adds to the poverty of the Iraqi families. Despite ongoing violence millions of Shia Muslims visit Iraq year around and many bombings target pilgrims. Iraq serves as a most important country with many shrines that matter to Shia population. The government has failed to protect and decrease violence and that is a growing concern


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