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Minor Killed at the Funeral of other Teenager

seyedSayed Mahmood Sayed Mohsin, a 14 year old teenager, died after a direct gunshot from Bahraini forces. Sayed Mahmood was attending the funeral of another teenager, Ali Faisal Al Akrawi, who was killed by governmental forces this week in Sitra.

The forces used gunshots to disperse the crowd. One of the gunshots directly hit Sayed Mahmood’s heart. His body was transported to Sitra Health Centre where he was announced dead. The hospital stated that the cause of death was the direct shot. ( see picture)

Family members have requested an investigation. Meanwhile, the police station director stated: “Police will continue to protect the security of the nation and will respond lawfully to any individual attempting to harm the security of Bahrain.”

Bahraini forces have killed many minors and detained many more during peaceful pro-reform protests. Despite condemnation from international human rights committees, Bahrain has not freed the detained minors. Bahrain is the only country in the Gulf region that spends a significant amount of money buying off human rights lawyers, and pay media outlets. SRW condemns Bahrain’s mistreatment of its Shia majority and the international apathy which has enabled it.


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