55 years old Shia Syed Qamar Raza killed by Anti-Shia terrorist

Anti-Shia terrorist killed 55 years old Shia Syed Qamar Raza. Raza was ambushed by two unidentified assailants when he was returning from a walk to his apartment in Sharifabad.

Reza was critically injured in the attack and was sent to Karachi’s main hospital, where he later died.

Raza was the director of Pakistan’s IB Security Agency as well as the Secretary to Haidery Scouts.

Pakistani authorities are not doing their job in protecting Shia citizens, discrimination occurs on a daily bases and no one is taking the responsibility for this inhumane treatment.

Shia targeted violences question the Pakistan’s Security Agency’s responsibilty in their handling of the Shia Genocide. Perhaps if they had taken a more serious action, Qamar Raza would be alive right now.

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