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What is in it for Pakistan to support Anti-Shiism?

Pakistan has played a mysterious role in anti-Shia coalitions, killings, violation and more at an international level.

Historically Saudi Arabia is known for its Anti-Shia activities. This country not only violates the rights of its Shia population, but it also fuels and funds anti-Shiism in other countries. Saudi-backed educational institutions exist all over the world, including the United States. These academics preach intolerance toward minorities, Christians and Shia included. Also, Saudi Arabia employs, founds and deploys preachers to all countries around the world dominating mosques and Islamic studies entities. It is well known that Saudi Arabia has always “claimed” leadership in Islam either by influencing Islamic nation’s governments or Muslims’ religious practices through its preachers. Having the desire to be “the leader of Muslim nations,” it is no brainer that Saudi Arabia benefits from supporting mainstream Muslims and suppression Shia Muslims who openly critique this countrynon-Muhammad like extremist behaviors!

In a way, Saudi’s involvement in anti-Shiism is justified!

What is a mystery to me is Pakistan’s similar behavior. How is Pakistan being benefited by elevating systematic anti-Shiism inside its country and supporting it outside its borders!

At least one of every five Pakistani is Shia Muslim. Over the years, the Shia of Pakistan has been specifically targeted and killed by guns and suicide bombers. They have been murdered inside mosques and shopping markets, while on a pilgrimage to Iran and even at funerals. Most Shia attacked by individual extremists are reportedly professionals and well-educated people who held a critical position in government, academia, and economy. Currently, there are some Shia scholars and clerics in abstentia in this country. No matter how many Shia killed, attacked, violated and kidnapped, this population receives NO protection from the government.

Pakistan not only suppresses its Shia citizens, but this country also aids other Shia violator governments.

Pakistani troops in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia play essential roles. Imprisoned Shia in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have always reported and complained that the torturing staff and guards are mainly Pakistani troops. These troops do not understand or speak Arabic, so the needs of imprisoned Shia could never be heard! Adding to the mental pressure of the Shia inside jails.

And now the Pakistani army has decided to send more troops to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia requested Pakistan to provide ships, aircraft, and troops for the Riyadh-led war on Yemen. To oppose such aid, on April 2015, a resolution was unanimously passed at the Pakistani parliament, stipulating that the Asian country had to stay neutral in the conflict in Yemen “to be able to play a proactive diplomatic role to end the crisis.” However 2015’s resolution is not preventing this country from deploying troops to Saudi Arabia.

Although the exact role the troops will play is unclear, the mission was specified as training and advisory.

The question remains:

Why Pakistani troops are found where Shia rights are being violated?!



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