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612 Reasons to Flare Brightly Against Shia Rights Violation on #IntShiaDay

612 Reasons to Flare Brightly Against Shia Rights Violation on #IntShiaDay

Honoring International Shia Day, 2019 Campaign 

June 12th is known to the Shia Rights Watch as International Shia Day which beckons governmental bodies, NGOs, and communities across the globe to stand together in remembrance of the sacrifices all minority groups make in the name of advocacy.

The day itself was observed in 2015 in honor of the 2014 massacre that occurred at Camp Speicher, where more than 1,700 Shia soldiers were executed by firing squad merely on the basis of differences in beliefs.

Ever since, the Shia Rights Watch has labored tirelessly to be the voice to those stripped of their voices and to promote the avocation against these injustices committed in order to bring about a world where Shia Muslims, alongside other minorities, can live peacefully and in harmony with the others around them.

2019 sees this through a different light in honor of hope for a brighter tomorrow. There are often many children throughout the world who dream of lighter days and long for a chance to soar freely.

On this International Shia Day, in order to shine a familiar light upon the injustices committed against Shia minorities throughout the globe, we encourage you to come visit the Foggy Bottom metro station outside George Washington University on June 12th at noon as we share a way to continue to look towards the sun. Sunglasses will be given out alongside a poem or two to allow you to see through the eyes of two cultures separated by a world of difference, but brought together through a universal experience.

Shia Rights Watch invites all activists, human rights defenders, NGOs and governmental entities to join its effort in restoring the rights of all minorities, including Shia Muslims.

To learn more visit http://shiarightswatch.org/ and http://internationalshiaday.com/



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