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Bahrain: 21 Shia freedom seekers in sentence

Once again, Shia are discriminated against due to their freedom seeking spirits and faith. The Arab Spring has concluded to an unfortunate court hearing which resulted in heart breaking news for family, friends, neighbors, and millions of Shia around the world. This event has been covered by hundreds of media and humanitarian organizations globally.

On September 27th 2011, a Bahraini court sentenced eight Shia activists to life in prison and issued long jail terms for 13 others. They were charged with trying to overthrow Bahrain’s monarchy and of having links to “a terrorist organization abroad.” Fourteen of the 21 convicted are in custody while the rest were sentenced in absentia.

Among those convicted include prominent Shiite political figures Hassan Mushaima and Abdul Jalil al-Singace, human rights activists Abdulhadi Al Khawajah and Saleh Al Khawajah–relatives of popular blogger Zainab Al Khawajah, and pro-reform activist Ibrahim Sharif, the only Sunni among the suspects. Two of the convicted hold European passports. The sentences can be appealed within 15 days. A full list of the convicted and their sentences is provided below:

1. Abdul Wahab Hussain Ahmad (Life Imprisonment)

2. Hassan Ali Hassan Mushaima (Life Imprisonment)

3. Mohammed Habib Al Safaf (Al Muqdad) (Life Imprisonment)

4. Ibrahim Shareef Abdulrahim Musa (5 years sentence)

5. Abduljalil Radhi Mansoor Maki (Al Muqdad) (Life Imprisonment)

6. Abduljalil Abdulla Al Sankees (Life Imprisonment)

7. Saeed Mirza Ahmad (Al Noory) (Life Imprisonment)

8. Abdulhadi Abdulla Mahdy Hassan (Al Mukhodher) (15 years sentence)

9. Abdulla Isa Al Mahroos (15 years sentence)

10. Abdulhadi Abdulla Habil Al Khawajah (Life Imprisonment)

11. Saleh Abdulla Habil Al Khawajah (5 years sentence)

12. Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Jawad (15 years sentence)

13. Mohammed Ali Radhi Esmaeel (15 years sentence).

14. Al Hur Yousif Mohammed Al Sumayekh (2 years detention)

The Court also issued the following verdicts in absentia:

1. Saeed Abdulnabi Shehab (Life Imprisonment)

2. Sayed Aqeel Ahmad Ali (Al Sary) (15 years sentence)

3. Abdulraoof Abdulla Ahmad Al Shayeb (15 years sentence)

4. Abbas Abdulaziz Nasser Al Umran (15 years sentence)

5. Ali Hassan Ali Mushaima (15 years sentence)

6. Abdulghani Isa Ali Khanjar (15 years sentence)

7. Ali Hassan Abdulla Abdulemam (15 years sentence)

According to Ireland-based human rights organization Front Line condemned the verdicts. Mary Lawlor, executive director of the organization said, “the fact that the trial took place before a military court whose procedures fall far short of internationally recognised fair trial standards underlines the determination of the Government of Bahrain to secure a conviction at any cost.”


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