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Flashback Friday – January 29, 2021

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Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria
Security forces attack protestors calling for the release of Shaikh Zakzaky on January 26. 
Many were injured and two were killed. The funeral of one of the deceased was held soon after. 
The protest came after Malama Zeenat Ibrahim, Shaikh Zakzaly’s wife, tested positive for COVID-19. 
Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
On January 26, Saudi Arabian court handed down sentences to five of eight detainees taken into custody in October 2020. 
Orator Mohammad Bujabara was among those arrested; he was given a sentence of nine months in detention. The four others were given sentences of four months. 
Najaf, Iraq 
The explosion of a mortar shell in al-Houli, located between Najaf and Karbala, killed a young girl and injured two females and a child on January 27th. Those injured remain in critical condition.  

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