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Flashback Friday, April 9,2021



Manama, Bahrain

On April 6, authorities announced the death of Abbas Hassan Malallah, a ten-year detainee of Jaws Prison.
A statement was released by the Prisons Directorate, communicating the cause of death as a heart attack.
The statement can be found on ShiaRightsWatch.org.
Also, this week, Sheikh Hassan Issa was transferred to the hospital after reporting fatigue and muscle weakness as progressions of COVID-19 infection.
Activists express concerns for the health of Sheikh Issa, given the prison system’s fail to meet the medical needs of Shia Muslim detainees.
Prominent cleric Sheikh Issa Qassim demanded the release of imprisoned opposition.
“Show the world how the oppressed people stand up for their rights and never compromise on them. At the same time, they do not allow their anger and outrage to take them away from observing the norms of their religion and wisdom,”

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