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May Death Toll Passed Five Hundred

iraq-#Violence increases in Iraq’s Shia populated areas every day. May 30th was another day when about 80 civilians were killed and many wounded following the chain of bomb blasts in different areas of Iraq. Iraq is experiencing the highest violence rate since 2011. April reported to have 700 deaths and May death toll passed 500.

Most of the today’s bombings targeted Shia areas of Baghdad.

A car bomb exploded in Ur neighborhood eastern Baghdad.

More car bombs were exploded in Saydiyah. Anbar, Azamiyah, Mosul, Shaab, and Karradah, killing tens and wounding many civilians.

Human right activists and organizations are concerned with the recent systematic bombings and killings in Iraq. The government must take serious and immediate actions to investigate the situation and arrest and punish all human rights violators. Az the United Nations envoy to Iraq, Martin Kobler, urged Iraqi leaders to do more to urgently “pull the country out of this mayhem.”


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