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What the World Must Know about Shia Muslims

Recently, 25 well-known Wahbbi figures issued a statement that call upon individuals to attack and create unrest in Shia led countries. The statement came after the regime’s offensive in Qusayr not long ago. Shortly after the statement was issued, series of bomb blasts attacked Shia Muslim communities in Iraq and Syria killing hundreds of civilians.

SRW believes it is inhumane and naïve to punish innocent civilians for political reasons. Oppositions in Syria are believed to be mostly foreigners paid by Wahhabi governments such as Saudi Arabia. They claim fighting for democracy as well as freedom and are in opposition with pro-Assad groups, YET they kill Shia Muslim civilians to show their anger!!!!

SRW suggests to all sides to exclude civilians from political interests; after all, all groups are fighting with political motivations not humanitarian interests.

SRW does not take any political side, but wherever and whenever Shia rights are violated we get involved.

There are some critical points that all groups must know:

One) Well-educated, wise thinking people would not label Shia Muslims to any certain governments. Shia Muslims DO NOT belong to any political or geographical region. There are hundreds of thousands Shia Muslim around the world and they have different nationalities, ethnicities, colors and languages and they are loyal to their countries.

Two) Human rights laws are INALIENABLE and no cleric, group or religion can exclude others from this law.

Three) Smart leaders guide by offering solutions not by promoting hatred and violence, such as Anti-Shia leaders do.
Four) All those who degrade human lives and values should be punished. Now that hatred and violations are happening as we speak, public punishment needs to be put into place immediately, this will send a grave message to the enemy’s of humanity.
In a world where human rights violators feel safe to publicize their hate messages, innocent victims are perpetrators and violators are considered heroes,
or maybe they are heroes!!!!! After all they are fearless !!!!!

It’s up to you, the wise reader, to conclude…

By: Hawraa, A Shia Rights Activist and Specialist – May 30th, 2013


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