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More than 12 Blasts in One Day

iraq1Number of deaths increase in Iraq as Anti- Shia terrorists target Shia Muslims communities in this country. Monday May 27th was the deadliest single day since July 23rd ,2012 when 115 people were killed. On May 27th more than 12 systematic bomb explosions happened in Sadr City, Sabi al-Boor , Shaab area , Bayaa neighborhood, Jisr Diyala area , Madain , Al-Maalif, Kazimiyah district and downtown Baghdad.

Authorities believe the bombings were well coordinated wave that tore through mostly Shia Muslim areas. So far as many as 450 people were killed in May. Terrorists target religious groups in order to push civil dispute in newly formed Iraq.

Many Iraqi civilians lost their lives in bombings during last couple months. Authorities reported 700 deaths in April 2013 alone. Many of the bombings took place in Mosques or busy marketplaces.

SRW urges Iraqi government to increase security forces and investigate the ongoing human rights violations in Iraq. Also, this organization condemns the violent and invites all groups to have tolerance and respect towards each other. Targeting civilians in order to pressure government is a crime and no group should show opposition by killing civilians.


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