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Shia Rights Violator Enters Bahrain

SRW is concerned for possible increase of Shia rights violations as one of the most human rights violators enters Bahrain and as Bahraini Shia Muslims express their fear upon entrance of Sheikh Adnan Al Aroor in their country. Al Aroor is a Syrian “cleric” living in Saud Arabia and he is known for his anti-Shia lectures. He has repeatedly called Shia Muslims infidels and has been urging and promoting Shia rights violations especially in Syria.

Al Aroor entered Bahrain on May 28, 2013 with intention to collect donation from Bahraini government for rebels in Syria. Since Al Aroor has long history in fighting and degrading Shia Muslims, Bahraini majority Shia are concerned that his “behind the curtain” friendship with Al Khalifa will result in more Shia rights violations in this country.

Al Aroor asked civilians to “burn out city and carry knives and weapons” he went in details and taught his audience to put on fire using gasoline and burn Halab as well as Damascus. He has been a figure who motivates killings, war crimes and human rights violations in Syria. Video

SRW urges Al Aroor and other so called Wahhabi “clerics” to respect human lives and rights and stop Shia rights violations immediately. Al Aroor should not mix his apposition to Syrian government with religious favoritism. He has no right to promote killings due to political disputes.

By: Hawraa, A Shia Rights Activist and Specialist _ May 28th, 2013


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