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Persecution of Shia Muslims In Bahrain

Shia Rights Watch’s executive director Mustafa Akhwand is invited to the conference titled “Persecution of Shia in Bahrain,” for a two day summit in Brussels. This summit is organized by SALAM for human rights and justice and No Peace without Justice(NPWJ), to promote and protect human rights and democracy in the Middle East and in Bahrain in particular.
There are many objectives in this summit, a closer look at the history of Shia in Bahrain, political challenges and freedom of religion. Despite all the effort of stopping violence against Shia in Bahrain, government is not willing to respect their citizens and give them dignity they are entitled to according to the International Laws. Shia Rights Watch’s director Mustafa Akhwand will analyze the conflict in Bahrain as “Structural Violence” that is causing the history of Bahrain to collapse in near future, This Summit will shed light on facts regarding “Bahrain government aiming to destroy the Shia history, ruining the future generation of Shia.” said Mr. Akhwand, and also added his optimism for seeing results and change people and NGOs collectively work together and aim for commonalities as opposed to differences in solving problems.


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