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Malaysian Shia under Systematic Attack

Malaysian Shia face systematic human rights violations. The government has banned all Shia related publications and has raided Shia commemorations in order to prevent this population from practicing their faith.

Recently, Abdullah Din, a well-known Malaysian scholar, suggested forbidding marriage between Shia and non-Shia Malaysians despite the fact that these populations intermarried throughout their history and coexisted in harmony.

This anti-Shia scholar also stated “I hope the religious departments and mufti from all states will issue a clear edict on whether it is allowed for Muslims to consume food served by Shiites [Shia], including whether animals slaughtered by Shiites are halal and so on.”

Earlier Abdullah Din, a member of the Kedah anti-Shia task force committee, stated that Shia are infidels and deviants in the eyes of Islam.

Moreover, to increase pressure on Malaysian Shia, the country organized seminars under the supervision of University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) where scholars from the university worked spreading anti-Shia messages. Fadlan Othman, a member of the Quran and al-Sunnah Studies Department, who is part of the organizing committee, also stated “the seminar today upholds the rights of Muslims. No problem with human rights, “we have our human rights that must be defended from the onslaught [assault] of the Shiah” [Shia].

Increasing Shia rights violations in Malaysia has been a concern for Shia Rights Watch. Malaysian Shia must have the right to practice their faith, as Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims do, says director of SRW, Mustafa Akhwand.

The future for Shia Muslims in Malaysia is worrisome and therefore SRW urges the Malaysian government to protect its Shia citizens and prevent discriminations toward them by anti-Shia clerics and community members.


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