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Signs of Failure of the Political Performance in Saudi Arabia

Saudi-MapKilling of innocent Shia and systematic suppression by the use of force is a sign of failure of the political performance in Saudi Arabia.
Shia Rights Watch, as a human right organization, considers the use of force against peaceful movement, and targeting of human rights activists in Saudi Arabia a deficiency in the political performance from the King of the country.
SRW opposes the use of violence by Saudi security forces in stopping the peaceful movement in the Kingdom. The Saudi government prevented Shia human rights activists from working or traveling in the country and insulted journalists who are calling for reform and questioned them in inhuman and immoral manners. These actions demonstrate the failure of the Kingdom in the management of the country and its people.

 Shia human rights activists have taken it upon themselves to repair the damage that ignorant people who do not have understanding of the principles of Islam caused. Preventing these activists from working, traveling and helping will farther drag the country down toward failure.

The kingdom of Saudi should know that the use of force against the peaceful movement that demands equality for all is considered systematic repression and genocide of it’s the people.

Targeting the Shia writers, intellectuals and advocates who are seeking reform proves seriousness of what is happening in Arab and Muslim world.
In conclusion, SRW demands:

Release of all imprisoned human rights activists and journalists, employed or not,

Abolition of their unfair trials

and not pursuing them afterward .

Also consulting the representative of each opposition, asking for their need to build trust between them to solve problems in the kingdom.

It is particularly recommended to have a peace talk with the Shia, who are target of discrimination and unfair treatments in Saudi and seek solution.


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