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Qatif Sniper Shooting

Activists reported sniper fire occurring in the Saudi Arabian village of al-Awamiyah, located in the Shia populated Eastern Province.  At least 31 civilians have been reported injured thus far, most of which have been transferred to the central hospital in Qatif. The majority of causalities were civilians, many being women and children.

For the past 36 days the town has been under siege by the Saudi government, with many road blocks and reported closed off areas.

Shia Rights Watch (SRW) calls on the leaders in Saudi Arabia to stop this attack against civilians and the Shia population within al-Awamiyah. SRW condemns the actions of the Saudi forces holding the village under siege and the cruel attack on the Shia population. SRW urges the international community denounce these actions and the attack on civilian populations.


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