Shia Activist Zeinab Alkhawaja Detained

zainabZainab Alkhawaja, member of the BCHR was arrested and sentenced to one month in prison on December 10th, 2012 for entering into the Pearl Square. The BCHR emphasizes that there was no official law stating the prohibition.

The arrest followed Zainab’s protest in front of the hospital in which Aqeel Abdulmuhsen, a 19 years old, was detained. Ageel was shot in the jaw and arm on December 4th and no one was allowed to visit him. She was subsequently arrested from the hospital. Aqeel’s family members were allowed to see him briefly after the protest of Zainab Alkhawaja.

SRW blames the authorities for all the human rights violations in the Bahrain and appreciates the humanitarian acts of the Zainab and BCHR.

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