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Another Case of Shia Rights Violations in Bahrain

Aqeel1Aqeel Abdulmuhsen, a 19 years old  was shot in the face and arm by Bahraini forces on December 4th, 2012.

The Ministry of Interior admitted that the shooting was part of the arrest attempt. Aqeel and his friend were sitting in his car when security forces opened fire upon them from a very close distance. Aqeel Abdulmuhsen was immediately arrested as he was bleeding and was taken to the Salmaniya hospital. Aqeel’s jaw was broken from the force of the direct shotgun wound he received to his mouth. His left arm was also broken from the force of another direct shot. There were two other penetrating wounds, one on his neck and the other on his abdomen which could be caused either by live ammunition or birdshot fired from very close range.

So far no one is allowed to visit Aqeel, and security forces also asked representatives of BCHR to get visitor pass from police station to visit him in the hospital.

SRW condemns the use of violence by Bahraini government in order to stop the protests in this country. As SRW has always advocated, violence has never been a right tool to stop unrests, but observation of human rights is the key to peace.

SRW asks Bahraini authorities to learn from the past and change their attitude toward peaceful protestors immediately.


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